In 2007 a friend asked me if I would support her during the birth of her first baby. Feeling a gap in my knowledge I attended one of Michel Odent's doula courses. And so began my path as a doula. I happily call myself a homeopathic doula, although I can take off my homeopaths hat whenever required.

My decision to study homeopathy came following a period of ill health. Every winter I caught virus after virus which doctors could do nothing to help with. A friend suggested homeopathy and after taking six little white pills the results were remarkable, I felt better than I had for years, and the following winter I caught no viruses.  I studied homeopathy at The Lakeland College in Ambleside and graduated in July 2003. I also completed a years post graduate training at the Integrative College. In my first years practising I treated a lot of young children. I began to see clearly the effects that their birth had on their health and wellbeing in the early years and beyond. If I could use remedies earlier on with pregnant mums and their babies then both would be happier and healthier.