Birth support

As a birth doula my work is about offering one to one continuous support that enables you to relax and enjoy the birth. I am passionate about supporting you in a way which is right for YOU, and which nurtures strength and confidence within you. During your pregnancy I would hope to establish a relationship by meeting with you and your partner at least two or three times. During these meetings we can discuss your plans, anxieties and expectations. We can talk about your preparations for childbirth, such as workshops/antenatal classes, and if you wish we can do some preparation of our own together. If you have a birth plan we can go over this together so that I am able to become familiar with your needs and choices. Some women also find it cathartic to share past experiences of pregnancy and birth.

I will be on 24 hour call for you for four weeks: two weeks before your due date and two after. When you go into labour I am happy for you to call me at any time, and can be with you as soon as you feel you need support. I can be with you at home while you are in the early stages of labour and stay with you until your baby is born at home or in hospital.

My most important role during birth will be a nurturing presence. I can offer advice and help regarding breathing, movement and positioning if needed but, most importantly, continuous emotional support and comfort. I feel strongly about guiding you towards your own instincts in labour.

During your labour I can also help you with homeopathic remedies, hot or cold compresses, snacks and drinks, tens machine and the use of any essential oils you might choose to use. My role is always totally flexible and I can be as involved as you want or need me to be at any given time. I would hope to stay with you and your new baby until you are comfortable and settled. 

After the birth I will come and visit you at home to see how you are getting on. This is an opportunity to talk through the birth experience with someone that was there with you and women find this an important part of completing the birth process. I can give you information on local postnatal support groups and activities if needed.

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  The benefits of having a doula present at a birth for mothers are:

• Shortens first-time labour by around 2 hours
• Decreases the need for pain medication during labour
• Decreases the chances of forceps or caesarean birth by 50%
• Decreases the need for oxytocin to speed up labour
• Increases satisfaction with childbirth
• Increases success in breastfeeding
• Decreases the likelihood of postnatal depression.