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Homeopathy explained

The word Homeopathy is from the Greek words homios, meaning like or similar and pathos, meaning suffering. Known as the Law of Similars it is based on the principle that 'like cures like'. An example of this is to think of the streaming eyes and nose you get when peeling an onion. The remedy Allium Cepa made from red onions can be used to treat symptoms of both hayfever and the common cold. An important aspect is how the remedies are made. Sourced mainly from animals, minerals or plants, they are dissolved in a solution of alcohol for several weeks to produce a mother tincture. For a 1c potency, one drop of the mother tincture is added to 99 drops of alcohol and water and then shaken vigorously (succussed) which further releases its healing powers. The dilution process is then repeated again and again to produce a range of different potencies. After several dilutions, no trace of the original source remains, so substances which are poisonous if taken in material doses can be used with no adverse effects.

A sense of balance

When we are out of balance or have dis-ease we begin to display symptoms of some kind. These may be physical, mental or emotional and are the bodies way of trying to tell us that something is amiss and provide a gentle nudge to seek help. Too often we ignore these early signs until symptoms become unbearable and it is only then we act. The skill of the homeopath is to find a remedy that matches as closely as possible the symptoms the body is producing. Each of us experience illness in our own unique way and it is important to select a remedy for each person individually.

Flower essences

We have known of the healing potential of using the dew from flowers for thousands of years, but it was Dr Edward Bach in the 1930's who made 38 essences from the flowers of many of our native plants and trees. As well as Bach I use Bush Essences sourced from the Australian Bush, Bailey Essences mainly from Yorkshire and Alaskan Essences which include flowers gems and environmental essences made in the wilds of Alaska. They act in a gentle and supportive way in times of crisis and are helpful when deep-seated problems or patterns of behaviour are coming to the surface to be examined and shifted. I find them the perfect compliment to homeopathic remedies, both are ideal for use in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.