Parents Say....

Robyn has a wonderfully calm presence and I simply enjoyed her being there. Having a friendly non-medical person made me feel more like it was a magical event not a medical procedure. She looked after Hunter a lot immediately after he was born while I was in 3rd stage and having stiches and I felt very happy he was being cuddled by someone warm and gentle. The remedies she gave me for healing postnatally were literally miraculous. More than that I loved being able to talk through the birth both the good parts, to relive them, and the parts I found difficult. It was incredibly important for me to talk them through with Robyn - Catriona Crawford

Robyn spent a great deal of time preparing with us and making sure she was aware of what we wanted. She made us feel that she was interested in us (others did not make us feel that way) and she was also very giving of her knowledge, her support and her understanding of our situation - Katrin Munro

Robyn created a good calm atmosphere and she was a lovely presence to have there and helpful but not imposing. Particularly good to have her there before the midwife came - Vicky Allan

Robyn was the most wonderful support at such a huge change in our lives and gave us a break from the baby and all the everyday chores which became like huge mountains to climb. I would like to thank her for all her help, support and advice. She was perfect suggesting things but always letting me find my way as a new Mum and with her homeopathic qualification helped me get better too - Jules McIntyre

You helped make my birth an amazing and enjoyable experience. You were there during the highs and lows of pregnancy and were a pillar of support during the birth, anticipating my every need.

Robyn is very flexible and accommodating. She has also offered sound advice but not opinions

Robyn has a lovely calming presence in our home, very unobtrusive. She also has a willingness to help which makes it easier for Mum to ask! She is also very flexible with her time.